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tv   America This Morning  ABC  June 15, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- back-to-back shark attacks. scary scenes in the same town. teens left seriously injured in separate incidents. experts weighing in this morning about why this is so rare. a massive fireball lighting up the sky, visible for 20 miles. the new video just coming in. caught on camera robbers ransacking a store. one of them getting stuck in the ceiling. eventually getting away with the goods and setting the store fire. and another thriller in game five of the nba finals. it could all be over with just one more win. our t.j. holmes is in the middle of the madness.
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good monday morning to you. i'm marci gonzalez spp is. >> i'm alex perez. we begin with the sea side town left day fied after two swimmers were attacked by sharks. >> the two young people losing limes jus miles and minutes apart from each other. fear on the beaches of north carolina. >> i have everything in seen anything like that. it was like a movie. >> two separate shark attacks along the same stretch of beach. the first victim a teenage girl losing an arm. people on the beach try to help using makeshift tourniquets while waiting for an ambulance. 90 minutes later and two miles away. a second attack. a large shark latching on to a 16-year-old boy, also losing his arm. >> blood in the water. coming over with the whitewash. >> people rushing to his aid after making it back to shore. >> he was screaming, is this
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real? is this a movie? just kept on screaming. we laid him on the sand and got him calmed down. >> experts say it's likely these are big tiger or bull sharks. the two attacks come after a shark bit another swimmer just last week 30 miles away. one expert says three attacks in the same area in such a short time is really rare. massive explosion in south texas overnight. a natural gas pipeline erupting into ball of flames. >> this is what it looked like. the fire could be seen as far as 20 miles away. several families were forced from their homes. firefighters eventually managed to reroute the gas and put out the flames. there were no reports of injuries. storms making thing miserable and dangerous for millions of people as the work week gets started. >> near harrisburg pennsylvania quite a mess to clean up after a tree came crashing down on a home and a
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car in one storm. the people inside the the house were fine. here's the radar. more storms rolled through that area and the entire northeast today. rain across texas and into the midwest. molly cochran from ak cue waefrt has more. >> thank you, alex and marci. we remain unsettled across the knot east. thunderstorms from philadelphia into washington, d.c. we continue to watch carlos likely to become a category 1 hurricane once again before making landfall on tuesday. also watching a potential tropical system. whether it becomes a tropical storm or not, bringing in impacts to houston. alex and marci, back to you. >> thank you, molly. to politics. jeb bush making it official today. the former florida governor poised to formally announce he's running for president. >> as he prepares for what could be another bush-clinton
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showdown he's playing down his famous family name. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: there could end up being nearly 20 republicans running for president. as jeb bush makes his run official today, it's clear he faces a tough fight. a long hch expected announcement finally coming. >> so many people could do so much better if we fixed a few thinks. >> reporter: jeb bush launching his campaign with this video, released just ahead of officially declaring later today in miami. his new campaign low doego does not include the famous last name that likely helped him raise record amounts of money since he began considering a run six months ago. it hasn't been entirely easy. stumbling on iraq. >> would you have authorized the invasion? >> i would have. >> reporter: later, forced to clarify. he said he misheard the question and would not have invaded.
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the polls have him dropping. many march, the support of 21% of republicans and right-leaning independents. now just 10%. and polling behind the clear democratic front-runner. >> i'm not running for some americans but for all americans. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton also focusing on the economy, drawing thousands this weekend to her first rallies since launching her campaign. according to the latest abc news/"washington post" poll 45% of americans view hillary clinton favorably compared to just 3% for jeb bush. however, slightly more americans view bush as being honest and trust worthy. >> thank you. u.s. air strikes in libya have targeted the master mind of a deadly attack.
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the militant leader linked to al qaeda was likely killed yesterday as the u.s. unleashed a string of 500-pound bombs. the suspect had been suspected in an attack where 35 hostages were kill including three americans. the two es kiped convicts have not been seen since escaping. their accomplice has been taken into custody. the governor will launch a formal investigation this morning. and tmt j. is not here this morning because he was the hucky one who got yesterday's best assignment. >> he was in oakland for the fifth game of the nba finals. >> it was a good night for the home team. golden state winning by 13 points and moving to just one win from the nba title. t.j. has an up-close look at the action. hey, good morning, t.j. >> alex and marci, once again,
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this series does not disappoint. game five was maybe the most entertaining game of the series in a lot of ways. steph curry back in mvp perform, without a doubt. lebron james, once again, filled up the stats sheet. still in the end, the warriors in front of their home crowd, able to pull this thing out. the warriors are now one win away from their franchise's first championship in 40 years. on the other side cleveland has to go back home and win a game to keep their championship hopes alive. that's the hope for the entire city. they haven't seen a championship from the basketball franchise ever and not from the entire city since 1964. if this sting stays true to form, game six just as exciting. more must-see testify right here on abc. right, guys? >> absolutely. more from the game still ahead. also health alert. rare bacteria affecting
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swimmers. and growing controversy over an naacp leader accused of lying about being black. how her brother says she changed her appearance. dangerous zoo animals
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plenty of water flowing where it shouldn't be there in philadelphia. that street turned into what looked like a river after a large water main broke. more than a dozen cars and several sections of the pavement there were damaged. basements were needed. crews were working to fix the water main so service could be restored. a nightmare layover for passengers on a united flight to london. three hours after leaving chicago friday night, they were
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diverted to a remote military base in canada. they spent the next 22 hours there without their luggage. sleeping in unheated bar racks. finally, a flight to newark and another to london arriving 33 hours after leaving chicago. the airline refunded their tickets and gave them a $500 credit for another united flight. well gas prices are rising again. the national average this morning is $2.80. that's a nickel more than a week popping take heart. it's 86 cents less than this time last year. more good news analysts say prices should stabilize and might even drop because there's plenty of supply. dine sisters are on the rampage. jurassic world launched the second largest open in history. it took a $205 million bite out of the box office. "spy" was in the shadows with
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top of her car after she high droe -- hydroplaned off the interstate. they were able to get out of the water to safety. she was just fine. just a little freaked out by the whole thing. and checking this morning's road conditions more flooding possible there in illinois. across the midwest and plains. all the way to texas and into the rockies. flooding concerns also in the northeast. if you're flying airport delays are possible in chicago, detroit, washington, d.c., philly, and here in new york. pressure is mounting for the head of the naacp chapter in spokane, as questions swirl about her racial identity. >> rachel dolezal has canceled the meeting scheduled for tonight. two of her adopted brothers are the latest family members to insist she really is white. >> she basically is a -- completely totally changed her
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skin color. makeup. changed her hair. and, at one point if time she had her voice a little bit didn't too. >> her brother says she asked him not to blow her cover. meanwhile, some members of the naacp are calling for her resignation and are planning a protest. earlier, we told you about shark takes on the atlantic coast. there's also a problem on the gulf coast. a bacteria attached to shell fish. a 25-year-old woman in mississippi lost her leg after becoming infected. >> the doctors woke me up and told me i didn't have a leg. >> now, she had lueeukemia as a child. people with weakened immune system can pick up the disease by contact with infected sea water. others could be affected by raw or improperly kookd shell fish. police in detroit are
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looking for two thieves who broke into a business during the middle of the night. you can see their faces as they fill a duffel bag with phones. then they can be seen dousing the store with gasoline before setting it on fire causing more than $10,000 worth of damage. a chaotic situation this morning in the former soviet republic of georgia. they're trying to tally up how many zoo animals might be on the loose. many of them escaped during severe flooding. a hippo roaming the street has to be tranquilized. a loion and bearing with killed by police officers. the severe flooding killed a dozen people. several people are still missing. the animals escaped from the georgia zoo. at least 12 people again, killed in the flooding. a bizarre road hazard in pennsylvania. a huge swarm of may flies blamed for at least three motorcycle crashes. thousands of may flies gathered around light poles then fell to
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the ground in piles up to two feet deep. turning the road into a slick mess. after three bikes lost control, a bridge was shut down. police say the tiny insects made it look like a blizzard in june. an american woman trying to row across the pacific ocean alone has ended her 'tempt. 30-year-old sonja baumstein sent a distress signal. she covered 155 miles of what was supposed to be a 6,000-mile journey. to sports. a big night in your hometown alex. the chicago blackhawks can hoist the stanley cup tonight with a win over the lightning. >> so many late nights watching all these games. as for last night's action highlights from our guys at espn. i'm john anderson. not lebron james. if i was him, i would have scored 40 points 14 rebounds
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11 assists in game five of the nba finals and it wouldn't have been good enough because steph curry is the mvp and he played mvp quality. curry decided to put on a shooting circus. golden state up eight. warriors one more time. matthew dellavedova, you can't keep up with that thanks. splash. curry's family. all of them. mom, dad, the wife the kid on the way, curry, way deep. 37 points. warriors win, 104-91. they lead the series 3-2, game six tuesday night on abc. oh, the brewers. not really it's more about max scherzer of the nationals. he was excellent. carlos gomez. no. hector gomez. send me your gomezs i'll strike them out. perfect through six. he goes the route. 1 hit, 16 ks. back wards, forwards.
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neutrogena. summers heating up with royal caribbean's wow sale. our biggest sale of the summer is going on now. get a 50% reduced deposit. plus up to $200 onboard spending money. and up to 30% off your cruise. call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today. all right, time now to check "the pulse." starting with the show that broke twitter overnight. game of tloens and the shocking season finale. >> no spoilers here. we won't tell you who died. it was big. big enough to be the number one trend on twitter. fans tweeting shock and disappointment. >> anna kendrick saying my heart is still pounding. well done to the crew and
4:23 am
spectacular cast. >> another tweet, at this point continuing to watch game of thrones is like falling in love sociopath sociopath. >> we're late to the paert. all right, well frightening moments on stage for the wildly popular band 5 seconds of summer after the pyrotechnics went haywire. >> flames shot out at michael clifford. burning his face, setting his hair on fire. the band forced to cut its saturday performance short. >> the 19-year-old posted this photo. despite the bandages coveren half his face he assured fans he's okay. more than a million visitors a year go to the top of the gate way arch in st. louis. none get a look like this. >> i've been there. they set a crew the top on the outside to check the 50-year-old arch for signs of wear. it's 630 feet to the ground. because of stans there were worries about corrosion.
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>> the workers did a little cleaning while they were there. the stans, they say, were original construction markings. residue. graffiti up there. >> all the way up there? >> i know incredible. finally one of those once-in-a-lifetime pictures created by a couple of four-legged friend who is had no idea what they were actually doing. >> no way. in the ocala national forest. a raccoon getting his picture taken while on the back of an alligator. the raccoon scurried on to the alligator as it approached. >> the second after the photo, the raccoon ran off and the gator was underwater. >> to happen to have your camera ready at the moment. >> i'm the one always fumbling around. i would have missed it. for some of you, your local news is next. for everyone else "america this morning" continues right after this.
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. >> >> hey everyone, good morning i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27. a massive fireball reaches the sky in texas we're learning details about a natural gas pipeline explosion that sent flames 150 feet into the air. s.w.a.t teams raid a home in somerton neighborhood it involves welfare fraud. two separate shark attacks on the the same beach in north carolina leaves two teens injured in. >> we're following what could be a rainy commute next on "action news." of william shakespeare. a washington, d.c. home is
4:28 am
where there is a priceless collection of display. >> reporter: our journey begins through the silence of the shakespeare reading room. down three stories to a bunker one block from the capital and the supreme court. so i can open this. it's a it ll like maxwell smart. we're deep inside the vault. it runs an entire city block. one of the most fortified bunkers in all of washington. housing some of the greatest literary treasures in the world. and most americans have no idea this is here. we're looking at the most prized possession of the folger shakespeare library. >> he held one of these pieces in his hand. >> reporter: one of queen elizabeth's bibles. >> it has her initials here. >> reporter: the biggest treasure of them all. this is the most valuable first edition in entire world? >> this is a blockbuster of a
4:29 am
book. >> reporter: the first written collection of william shakespeare's plays. i can't pick it up right? >> you probably shouldn't go like this. but you can handle it. it's made out of rag paper. people took clothing pulped it up and made paper. >> reporter: there's never been a writer so popular. his writing is as alive in the public imagination as ever. from sesame street. >> "b," or not a "b." >> reporter: to the simpsons. >> hamlet avenge me. >> dad? >> reporter: all of it captured first in these pages. now, they're preparing to send this on a book tour. the first editions are headed to all 50 states next year to mark the 400th anniversary of shakespeare's death. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for
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>> good morning here's what's happening on this monday, june 15. >> we have breaking news, a pennsylvania state trooper is injured during a high-speed chase with an armed robbery suspect. >> police are looking for a suspect after a double shooting. >> people take cover in a central pennsylvania town because millions of bugs have invaded. they are everywhere. >> good morning not so much for them, it's monday, june 15.


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